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Yes!  Simply click the "Translate" button at the top of every page.  Then click the down arrow and click your native language.  The page you are viewing will show in your home language

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Yes!! Click on the link below:
Copy the text from the Discovery Guide and paste into the left column of the translator.  Click your home language and click "Translate."  In the right column will be the Discovery Guide translated into your home language.

Sample Translation:

Left Column copied from Discovery Guide in English:

Genesis 1:1

As you begin your study of the Bible, notice Who is the first Person to be mentioned, and seek to understand as much as you can about Him.  This will help you greatly in all your future studies:

Right Column translated into Spanish: DIOS, EL CREADOR DEL MUNDO

Génesis 1:1
Al comenzar el estudio de la Biblia, aviso que es la primera persona en ser mencionado y busca entender tanto como puedas acerca de él. Esto te ayudará grandemente en todos tus estudios futuros:
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