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Dear Sarah,

Your Bible Discoveries allowed me to personally discover God's truth from the Bible.  I have used your Discovery Guides for personal devotions, with my family, Bible studies with small groups, and in teaching others! Thank you for your faithfulness to God's word and creating these studies for personal discovery.  I now have the confidence to feed myself and others from the Bible.  Now we can even translate your Discovery Guides into any language!  Words can not express my gratitude to you!!

M.Loide: Teacher

ST Missionary Northern Africa 

Dear Sarah Overstreet Midyett

Sarah, You have no idea how your Bible Discovery Guides have changed my life and even changed the way I do ministry!  My prayer is that your life's work would be made available to every believer in the world.

Jude B. Pastor

Location Private

Dear Teacher Sarah,

Your Discovery Guides were utilized to teach students in school settings, church classes, and even summer camps with national students and international students.  Thank you!

Elsie Smith, Mission Team Member

Belize, Central America